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Prepare for your new medical transcription career with the flexibility and convenience of distance education. As a medical transcriptionist, you will transcribe the dictated words of doctors to create error-free reports. Allied's Medical Transcription Course teaches you how to use common medical abbreviations, symbols, punctuation and grammar, while helping you to increase the speed and accuracy of your typing.

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Allied’s programs were designed for individuals who want to further their education, but feel trapped by the demands of a full schedule and tight budget. Online education with 24/7 access backed by live support, payment plan options and more makes meeting your goals possible – and leaves you time to prepare a “Quick and Easy” recipe too!

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Many people with full-time jobs want to go back to school in an effort to further their careers, but often don’t have the time or money to drop their jobs and sit in a classroom all day. They believe that the investment of their time and money is too risky for such a setting.

Luckily, the Internet has managed to make it considerably easier for those wanting to change their careers or continue their education. Online medical transcription classes provide a solution for those looking to move into the administrative and support areas of the health care field, but don’t have time to travel the traditional school route.

The Convenience Factor

An online medical transcription class allows students to complete all coursework via the Internet. This makes it convenient as coursework is completed at home, typically during a time that is best for the student. In particular, an online class is an advantage for those with work-shift conflicts or other environmental concerns.

Another advantage of an online medical transcription course is that if transportation is limited or unreliable, the student does not have to leave home in order to attend classes or modules.

Externships Available

An externship is similar to an internship, except in its length of time. Externships for online medical transcription training programs typically last approximately 100 hours. Within these hours, the student takes a “practice run” at being a medical transcriptionist by being interviewed, selected and demonstrating knowledge of everything learned during the program.

Many people mistakenly believe that an online medical transcription training program doesn’t offer such externships. In fact, any reliable program will offer one, and require that an externship be completed in order to obtain the proper diploma or certificate.

Choosing an Online School

When choosing a program that offers online medical transcription training, it is important to ensure it has various factors that ensure its reliability, in order to increase chances of employment upon graduation.

  • · The program should be ADHI approved and properly accredited for online and distance learning
  • · It should allow for externships at the end of the program with medical transcriptionists who are Certified or Registered
  • · All-inclusive tuition for convenience of learning that won’t add strain to the household budget
  • · A “no pass, no pay” guarantee for those who perform well throughout the program

These are four important hallmarks of a good online school and what you should look for in an online medical transcription training program.

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People searching for a good medical transcription certification program are often bombarded by schools that offer training in medical transcription, but aren't sure how to sort out the good programs from those that don't adequately prepare them for a career as a medical transcriptionist. Below is an overview of how a medical transcription certification program can help students get hired and on the path of career success.

ADHI Approval and Accreditation

The Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (ADHI) is a professional organization that sets the ultimate standards of practice and education for medical transcriptionists nationwide. In other words, a school cannot consider itself reliable for medical transcription certification without acknowledgment from ADHI. It is also important to find a school that is approved by the joint commission known as the ACCP – the Approval Committee for Certification Programs. This was established by the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) and the ADHI to ensure that medical transcription certification programs met their highest standards. A school without ACCP accreditation and ADHI approval is not likely worth the tuition expense, because one cannot guarantee that the student will receive the best and latest education available.

Finally, a school should always have appropriate accreditation for the type of education they offer, whether it is distance learning or traditional learning, and be listed with the Department of Education (DOE) as a recognized accrediting agency.

Examination Completion Guarantees

To receive medical transcription certification and get employment in the field, one will need to pass the Registered Medical Transcriptionist (RMT) examination. A good school will be willing to offer a “pass or no pay” guarantee to its students. In other words, the program should be comprehensive enough that a student who is able to pass all of his or her coursework should have no trouble passing the examination for certification or registry.

Comprehensive Tuition Structure

Going back to school can put a strain on the budget. Many people don't think it's affordable, especially when confronted with unexpected fees not included with tuition – lab fees, exam fees, and textbook costs that must be paid separately. Find a school guaranteeing that all costs are included in the tuition for the entire length of the program. This will help avoid cost snags during the medical transcription certification process.

In summary, the three most important things a reliable medical transcription certification program can offer is all-inclusive tuition, a guarantee on exam performance, and proper accreditation. Always examine a school thoroughly for these items in order to ensure that the education promised is the education provided.

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medical transcription training
Maybe you've lost your job or just decided that it is time for a change. Whatever the reason, your mind is set and you're looking to switch careers and start something entirely new. Have you considered medical transcription training?

With the current economy, many people are finding themsleves faced with the need for a new and/or second career. And sometimes this means working in an entirely new field, such as medical transcription.

Do you like the idea or working in a stable and growing industry? Do you enjoy typing and medical jargon? Does the concept of working from home fit your career goals? These questions are just a start in your plan for a new medical transcription career. Before you make the commitment to switch fields, make sure that this is the right decision for you.

How to Determine if You're Ready for Medical Transcription Training

1. You can imagine having a satisfying and long-term career in the medical transcription field.
2. You already have some of the skills that are necessary to succeed in this field. If not, you are willing to get the medical transcription training needed to prepare for your new career.
3. You have done your homework and thoroughly researched the field. You are up to date and know about the career outlook, wage data and necessary qualifications.
4. You have studied relevant organizations within the field. You know what companies are out there and what opportunities exist for a newcomer to this career.
5. You have networked and made contacts with people in the field. You like what they’ve told you, and have a foot in the door when it comes to getting a new job.

Face your fears. It can be scary to leave your comfort zone and explore something new. Keep in mind that starting over is more difficult than starting a new job. It’s going to take extra time, patience and persistence on your part to succeed, but you will be glad when you go to work each day with a smile on your face, especially if you can work from home, on your own schedule!


medical transcription program

Celerity Solutions Group, a clinical documentation outsource provider, has partnered with Allied Medical School placing graduates from their AHDI-approved Medical Transcription Program into externships with the company. So far, the partnership has resulted in five successful externs being offered full-time positions with Celerity since May of this year.

Allied Medical School has been providing medical transcription training for a number of years. In 2009, the program was expanded and approved by the AHDI-AHIMA approval program. A three-tiered program that begins with general transcription courses before concentrated transcription training at a Beginning Level, an Intermediate Level, and an Advanced Level that includes a Pharmacology course and an externship complete with speech recognition training.

Eric Sharkey, Course Development Manager at Allied, said, "We are extremely proud of the Advanced Transcription Program and externship offering. This has allowed our transcription students to take their education and training to the next level. Partnering with Celerity now gives our students another avenue for placement directly out of the program."

Allied’s Program Director, Beth Tribelhorn, added, "While many schools feel the education is complete after a bit of additional work in some specialties, the Advanced Program has been developed to concentrate on the kind of day-to-day dictation MTs routinely come across from a wide range of specialties and subspecialties. With feedback similar to what they would experience in a working setting, the students are ahead of their counterparts by having that experience in an educational setting."

Celerity Solutions Group’s Externship Program was implemented in October 2010. Graduates of the Advanced Program that have earned a 97% or better on their final exams have the opportunity to enter into the Celerity Externship Program. This program allows recent graduates to put their newly learned skills into practice, learning a variety of documentation work types and specialties that includes both traditional transcription and speech recognition editing. Those that have successful externships and have or plan to take the RMT exam within six months are candidates for a full-time position with Celerity.

"Celerity is very pleased with the capability and professionalism of those graduates from the Allied Advanced Program,” said Celerity CEO, Dara Tribelhorn. "We have had great success with our Externship Program thus far and look forward to continuing our partnership, placing more qualified candidates at Celerity. We are committed to growing the transcription industry and keeping work onshore."

Since the partnership began, Celerity has placed five externs with permanent positions within the company. Leah Franklin, who completed the Allied Advanced Program in April and the Celerity Externship Program thereafter, said, “This has been a tremendous learning experience. I felt Allied really prepared me for real-world transcription and to be offered a position directly after completing my externship has now allowed me to reach my goal of a career in Medical Transcription.”

For more information about Allied's Medical Transcription program, call (888) 822-2923.

About Celerity Solutions Group

Celerity Solutions Group is a clinical documentation outsource partner providing fluid solutions for medical transcription, management consulting and information technology implementation to hospitals and clinics nationwide. Our transcription solutions adapt to organizational needs integrating with EHRs and delivering accurate documentation healthcare providers can rely on for quality care.

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Have you ever day dreamed about the possibility of working from home? And what if your work from home opportunity was in a growing industry that's estimated to generate over 3 million new jobs through 2010?

If you're intrigued and wanting to know more, a portable career in medical transcription might be the perfect fit for you! But before you can launch a new career, receiving the best possible training is a vital step. Where to start? Use the criteria below as a check list when searching for an online medical transcription program that will help you succeed.

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